Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

China gives a whole new meaning to "Happy New Year!" It lasts 2full weeks and is CRAZY!!! The fireworks were amazing- the first 30 minutes of the first night. However, after several days and nights of continuous firecrackers, my nerves are jangled!

Red envelopes were everywhere (with money inside) for all of the kids- I could use several of those!

The program at school was great- the Chinese teachers outdid themselves- of course Kindergarten and Emily and Abigail STOLE the show.

We visited a typical village a little south of Beijing where we watched stilt-walkers, puppet shows, walked around, visited a local artist who makes life-sized paper offerings for funerals, watched some very old Chinese men do some very inappropriate magic tricks, and, we also got to eat a traditional New Year's meal with a village family. I hate trying new things and was NOT looking forward to going into a family's home and trying to eat some horrible food-BUT, who would guess- it was really good! The Lesh Girls pigged out on dumplings!

We also got to go to a temple fair- although the squid smelled HORRIBLE and it got really crowded (Chinese crowded is nothing like U.S. crowded) they had a lot of neat things to see and fun things to buy like butterflies, crickets and dragons made from reeds, giant spinning flowers and funky hats.

It was fun, but next year, I wonder if we can go away for the break...